Unique production of products based on your wishes using your desired formulation

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As a producer, distributor or even a major consumer of dairy products, you may need

Dega product with its own exclusive formula

you have. This possibility is available for you to order Dega product, with exclusive formulation, and exclusive sales right!

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Producing your own product in the Dega product portfolio by owning the brand and produced with a unique formulation and having exclusive distribution and sales rights in a region or an entire country.

Dega product

according to your needs

at your disposal

introduction of our company

Hamon Shir Salmas company started working in 1380 and has received more than twenty construction permits in Salmas industrial town during the construction and equipping of production lines and also succeeded in establishing ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000 quality systems. 2005: It has been in its production space.

The main products of the company are pizza cheese in two types, mozzarella and processed, which are produced in different packages and weights, and in addition to cheese, they include various types of dumpling dough, pizza dough, samosas, as well as sauces in their production process. It is widely used in home and restaurant use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between outsourcing and customization?

In outsourcing, you order a product with your own brand to Dega and it is produced. But in customizing the product, it is produced with one of Dega’s brands. In both cases, the manufactured product will have the formulation you want.

Do others also sell the product made to my order?

no The product will be produced according to your order and according to the contract, it will be exclusive to you in the agreed geographic and time limits.

Why is customization a good option for me?

Creating a new production line requires a lot of capital. In addition, it requires very high technical knowledge and expertise, and gathering experts in this field is a complex process. You can have the product you want with guaranteed quality at a much lower cost and avoid the time-consuming production process.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes. According to the type of custom product, the minimum order amount is considered.

Who supervises the quality of the manufactured product?

Customized products, like all Dega products, have all product standards. In customizing the product, it is presented with one of Dega’s brands and its quality must be Dega’s guarantee.




About us

About us