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Iran plays a very important role due to having various air, sea, rail and land communication routes, as well as being in a strategic geographical position as an export hub to the countries of the region, the Persian Gulf and Europe.


Advantages of exporting by Dega company

1- The ability to customize the product according to the taste of the destination country

2- The quality of raw materials according to the climate of Ardabil region

3- Being cheap and affordable due to fluctuations and increase in exchange rate

4- Cultural and religious affinity and acceptability of Iranian goods

5- The need of these countries for processed products according to the government’s effort to export and earn foreign currency through non-oil products

export by dega

introduction of our company

Hamon Shir Salmas company started working in 1380 and has received more than twenty construction permits in Salmas industrial town during the construction and equipping of production lines and also succeeded in establishing ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000 quality systems. 2005: It has been in its production space.

The main products of the company are pizza cheese in two types, mozzarella and processed, which are produced in different packages and weights, and in addition to cheese, they include various types of dumpling dough, pizza dough, samosas, as well as sauces in their production process. It is widely used in home and restaurant use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a foreign client; can I export your products to him myself?

Of course! If you wish, you only need to inform us of the destination country so that we can strictly observe the special quality considerations of that country.

Do you have export documents?

Yes. Dega has a long history of exporting to various countries and the relevant documents are complete.

Can I act as your partner for export?

Yes. The partnership agreement is signed between the parties and you can do things according to it. Get in touch for more information.




About us

About us