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We are ready to produce the products of other companies by having modern and advanced equipment and having a healthy environment and experienced employees.


All kinds of dairy products

A variety of prepared and semi-prepared foods

All kinds of sauces and seasonings

Why outsourcing production?


1- Reducing costs
2- Standardizing processes and increasing efficiency and productivity
3. Creating more value in business
4. Development of new capabilities
5. Accelerating digital programs
6- Flexibility and agility of the organization
7- Access to brilliant talents anywhere in Iran and the world


Hamon Shir Salmas company started working in 1380 and has received more than twenty construction permits in Salmas industrial town during the construction and equipping of production lines and also succeeded in establishing ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000 quality systems. 2005: It has been in its production space.

The main products of the company are pizza cheese in two types, mozzarella and processed, which are produced in different packages and weights, and in addition to cheese, they include various types of dumpling dough, pizza dough, samosas, as well as sauces in their production process. It is widely used in home and restaurant use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have special knowledge about dairy products and food industry?

no At Dega, we have several decades of experience in the field of food industry, especially dairy products. You only need to explain your needs to us and leave the rest of the research and development, design, production, quality tests, obtaining relevant licenses and even distribution to us.

What brand are the products produced by?

In outsourcing, products are produced with your brand and your brand name. For example, your group produces a variety of sauces and protein products and needs to complete its product portfolio in the dairy sector. All you have to do is place the desired dairy product production order for us to produce under your name and brand so that you don’t have to be involved in the production process.

Why is outsourcing the best option for me?

Creating a new production line requires a lot of capital. In addition, it requires very high technical knowledge and expertise, and gathering experts in this field is a complex process. You can have the product you want with guaranteed quality at a much lower cost and avoid the time-consuming production process.




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About us